Important Notice Regarding AGU Service

As of May 6, we will no longer be offering Unlimited-level subscriptions and the website at will be permanently taken down.

You will continue to receive access to the AGU website as is included in your subscription through May 6, 2016.

If you have months remaining on your AGU subscription after May 6, 2016, we have sent an e-mail with specific details and instructions related to credits and the remaining value of your subscription. If you did not receive this e-mail or have any questions, please get in touch with us.

If you do not have a subscription to AGU and wish to read Acoustic Guitar, please visit this page to subscribe:

If you have any questions or concerns or if there is anything we can help with, please get in touch.
Phone: (800) 827-6837

We sincerely thank you for your continued support of Acoustic Guitar.